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We use cookies to offer you the best user experience on our website. A cookie is a small data file that is saved on your device. We use cookies to provide basic and convenience functions, measure the website’s performance, and analyze user behavior on the website.

The use of some cookies is optional and can be activated or deactivated by you. Required cookies are always activated because they are required for operating the website and storing your cookie consent. Functional and performance cookies are optional. All optional cookies are disabled by default.

You can change your cookie settings at any time by retrieving our cookie policy or deleting the cache in your browser. Required cookies are automatically deleted 30 days after your visit.


Permanent Cookies (technically necessary system cookies)

These cookies (first party cookies) are required to provide basic website functions and ensure reliable and consistent provision.


Name: ASP.NET_SessionId

Expiration Time: at the end of the session

Purpose: Stores the user ID for security purposes. Ensures the availability of the website.


Name: CMSCsrfCookie

Expiration Time: at the end of the session

Purpose: The cookie enables secure contact forms. It stores a security token. These are used to validate form data from requests submitted via the POST (data dispatch) method. An encryption is created for each user via the token, which is only valid during the visit. This process protects against cross-website request forgery. (Cross-Site-Request-Forgery)


Name: CMSPreferredCulture

Expiration Time: 12 months

Purpose: Stores the visitor's preferred language (website content culture).


Name: CT_CountryID

Expiration Time: 30 days

Purpose: Stores the ID of the country selected by the relevant visitor to the website.


Name: CT_Sector

Expiration Time: 30 days

Purpose: Stores an abbreviation for a region based on the selected CT_CountryID. This enables the website to provide the visitor with precisely the product information that is relevant for the respective region.


Performance cookies (technically optional tracking cookies)

These cookies are used to measure the website’s performance and analyze user behavior.


Piwik PRO Analytics

The IP address is anonymised before it is saved.


Name: _pk_ses.[web-id] (First Party Cookie)

Expiration Time: 30 minutes

Purpose: Shows an active visitor’s session. If a cookie is not present, it means that a visitor’s session was more than 30 minutes ago, and a visit count is increased in a pk_id cookie.


Name: _pk_id.[web-id] (First Party Cookie)

Expiration Time: 13 months

Purpose: Used to recognize visitors and hold their various properties.


Name: ppms_privacy_[web-id] (First Party Cookie)

Expiration Time: 365 days

Purpose: Stores visitor`s consent to data collection and usage.


Name: stg_last_interaction (First Party Cookie)

Expiration Time: 365 days

Purpose: Determines whether the last visitor’s session is still in progress or a new session has started.


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