Revolutionizing Construction Sites

Holistic Asset Management as Value Driver for Operators

Increasing workloads in the construction and mining industry offer enormous growth potential for operators. However, this also increases the need for more efficiently operating machinery. The solution: holistic asset management for the full transparency at construction sites.

Asset Management

Did you know that by 2030, more than 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities? The demand for housing, transportation, and public facilities will heavily increase and thus offers the construction and mining industry great growth potential.

The market is expected to grow up to 14.4 trillion US dollars within the next seven years (Statista, 2022). That is more than twice its actual level. To take advantage of this growth opportunity, changes within the construction and mining business are inevitable. What operators need are smart technologies that work more efficiently and faster to meet the increasing workload and drive profitability. This is achieved through holistic asset management – the full transparency over all processes and machines on the construction site.

Construction Site 2030
Each on Its Own: Lack of Data Transparency

However, the current situation on the construction sites is still different. Although more and more machines can communicate with each other, facilitated by the manufacturer-agnostic AEMP data standard, there is still a lack of technologies that are capable of not only tracking data but also linking and analyzing this data in terms of the machine's productivity and health. That makes fleet management, predictive maintenance, and also the overall organization of work processes and workflows more difficult for operators and leads to avoidable inefficiencies: inefficiencies for which Continental has the right solutions in place.

The “Construction Site 2030” is characterized by connected and intelligent vehicles and machinery that enable fleet managers to more efficient processes and subsequently increase the machines’ value thanks to more productive operating times. The key to realizing this vision is full data transparency as Continental’s ContiLogger proves. The ContiLogger records vehicle location and measures speed, distance, road grade, cycle downtime, lateral forces and temperature of the tires. By analyzing this on-site data, operators can identify data-driven observations and potential solutions to support customers in reducing their costs.

"Technologies like these show that Continental has a concrete vision of the direction the mining and construction industry is headed, and thanks to its broad material and product expertise is also able to serve the industry with just the right know-how to achieve that."

Philip Nelles
CEO of Continental’s ContiTech group sector

Holistic Asset Management: Full Transparency & Full Control

That's why Continental has been working on this vision for some time now. As a reliable partner during the transformation process towards a more connected future, Continental assists clients and partners in the mining and construction business by offering them a wide range of smart technologies:

Conti 2.0

With Conti+ 2.0 Continental provides operators in the mining industry with a revised app-based service platform for conveyor belt system monitoring and data management. The platform allows for real-time condition monitoring of conveyor belts from anywhere at any time, alerting operators about the wear of machine parts early on to drive uptime.

Similar solutions for condition monitoring are also offered for tires of excavators, loaders, and others. The digital tire monitoring software ContiConnect 2.0 puts in place the necessary infrastructure for the all-encompassing, digital tire management of the future, avoiding vehicle downtimes and ensuring serviceability.

Continental’s new IoT suite for pits, mines, and construction sites SightIQ goes even one step further by integrating virtually all data available from mobile machines, vehicles, and stationary assets like conveyors or tools regardless of make, model, manufacturer, or asset location. That way, SightIQ combines process management, operator management, and asset management in one system for full transparency and control. SightIQ can even be expanded by the prior introduced digital solutions Conti+ and ContiConnect.

bauma 2022

This small selection of solutions was also presented at bauma 2022 and clearly shows how Continental, as a leading provider of digital and material-driven solutions, is already setting the course for the construction site 2030 today.

Continental Service Portfolio
Safer, More Efficient & Connected: The Construction Site 2030

As described above, the construction industry is set to undergo a profound transformation in the coming years. In addition to our key topic sustainability, digitalization, in particular, will have a major impact on the construction site 2030: digitalization boosts the level of automation and interconnection, which has a measurable effect on the productivity and value of each machine. That is why holistic asset management will not only gain importance but be crucial for successful operations.

New technology and materials will make that happen, and Continental is perfectly positioned for that. However, no single enterprise can accomplish this transformation on its own. Strong partnerships are needed. That is why Continental is always looking for clients and partners to work with for a safer, more efficient, more productive, and more sustainable future.

Are you interested in working together on the "Construction Site 2030" with Continental? Do not hesitate to contact our expert:

Mario Branco

Mario Branco

Head of Business Development Off-Highway at Continental